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  • Here you will find a real unit for women's doubles - with the focus on the running work in the rear and elements of constructive double tactics.

    In order to successfully play women doubles, it does not take much patience and the willingness to play long rallies, whether they are national or international, to work well in the backcourt to be able to attack well from there. The impression to the rear is therefore a very crucial thing - only if the first impression is strong and thus the first step is fast, you get well into the rear and is there well to the ball. In women's doubles are all offensive strikes (smash, drop, attacking clear) a good option for the attack from behind - whereby always the option should exist, to be able to smash also. In the following unit the running work in the backcourt is therefore a core topic, which is combined with many smashes as well as small topics (net, defense).

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